Understanding your credit and Building your Credit

Whether you are Mr. Trump or late King of Pop Michael Jackson we all need credit to buy a home or a car even to buy an iPhone. Here I will take you step by step on how to build you credit. In today’s economy building a credit can be compared to building your good character when trading good services during traditional times. One can obtain credit in 2 forms.
    1. Secured Credit: is when you are asked to provide something of value as a grantee that will re-pay your debt
    2. Unsecured credit: require no guarantee. If you credit score is low it can negatively impact your life such asa.When applying for a jobb.Renting an apartmentc.Buying a home/carWith the information you will be able to maintain an A+ credit score. Open and maintain a credit account, establish a secured credit card account in your name, use it wisely, and make sure to pay your balances in time.Follow your budget Remember do not spend more than you have
    3. Pay the bills in time, (Pay all the bills on or before the date they are due).
    4. Avoid excessive inquiries into your account (Hard credit inquiries are typically placed on your report when you apply for a new line of credit. This may remain on your credit report at least for two years).(Cool, soft inquires, if you visit a9car, you will be able to find link, and from here if you inquire it will not impact your score).
    5. Check your credit report regularly (Free from a9car) to makes sure it has no errors.
“Review your credit report and correct any inaccurate information it may contain”