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If you’re applied for a loan and they denied then you may be eligible to get a free, write to them.

  1. Make your payment on time.
  2. Keep your credit balances low,
  3. Only open new account when necessary.

Each creditor report your activity each month. If you are planning to apply for a personal

Loan or any other type of purchase, and you are stuck at 720, you need to bump another 20 points

Or more your credit balance is $ 6749 out of $ $ 40074 that means you are using 17% you need to pay

Couple thousands on your balance of $6749 say another $ 2000 bring down to $ 4749 then from 17% go down to 10%. Then definitely your score will move up to between 10 % to 12 %

f you don’t have that $ 2000 borrow from friends or family, if you don’t have friends or family to loan $ 2000 for few days, then use your credit card and borrow and pay down this $ 2000.

Make sure you check your reporting date. You are only borrowing this money for few days in that case you have shell out some money as interest charges. .  Remember sometimes you have to buy and pay for the credit.

By doing so you will getting a good credit score and you can negotiate a better terms.

  1. Credit mix make up 10% of your FICO score.
  2. Length of credit matters, how long your account have been opened determines of your length of credit history makes up 15% of your FICO score.
  3. The inquiries are good indicator of credit seeking activity, which makes up about 10% of your FICO score.
  4. Revolving Utilization is one indicator how much you owe in your accounts. This impacts your credit and make up about 30% of your FICO score.
  5. Consistently paying creditors on time is the most important factor in determining your credit history. Your payment makes up about 35% of your FICO score.

I did lots of writing and speaking before I decided to launch this videos.

I will talk about building your business credit that is another video later.

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I’M Jake Jacobs’s founder of a9car.com.  I have been taking peoples credit report ever since first I started selling cars from 1977. I have seen lots of credit reports. As a car salesman part of my job is taking customer’s credit report

If you having trouble making your payments or even minimum payments

Contact your creditor or get help from legitimate credit counselor.

They may not build your credit score immediately but if you can begin to manage

Your credit and pay online your score should increase overtime.

There are no quick way to fix your credit score.

Beware of scammers advertise that claim to build your credit fast with 30 days

Or 45 days to 800 to 850 and you pay 100s even thousands of dollars for their

Fake services. If you ever use their services chances are it could backfire.

So, be-ware never fallen into their trap. You may also lose the money you

Paid and above all you wasted your time.

My best advice again consult a legitimate credit consular, before you use these

Services check with local better business bureau or local government agencies.

You can add an authorized user to your credit card

Account is easy to do, and it can

Be a great way to help a friend or family members to improve or establish a credit.

At the same time it can even to earn rewards. Before you add contact your issuer

And ask the benefits as well as negative impact if any.

Try become an authorized on an account. What it means is that some else a close

Friend or a family members adds you to their credit card account. Your credit can benefits

From their positive account history and on time payments.

Let me give you my personal experience, Years ago I was living in Hawaii, I did not

Check my credit I ignore my credit report, but my credit didn’t ignore me.

All I was thinking my credit is ok, everything should be fine. One day I need a small loan for thousand dollars, I approached a small bank and for thousand dollars loan

Submitted loan application, and they denied it. I was divested and was angry.

I requested my credit file from one of the bureau and they send me the file.

I look at the file I had few collections, one for American Ambulances for $67.61.

Another one is for an X-ray I took for back pain it’s for $16.74 my insurances paid most of it, this is my balance I am supposed to pay. I was thinking this covered fully with my insurance but

It did not.

These two collections destroyed my credit and ruined my life.  Then I realized how important

Is to check the credit each week.

It doesn’t not matter whether you owe 1000s of dollars or even 10 dollars it will be reported

To the bureau and

If you don’t take care it will on your credit file.

Why I am telling you this, you can do this if you follow step by step

Don’t pay 1000 of dollars for this same services.

Why I am telling you this, you can do this if you follow step by step

Don’t pay 1000 of dollars for this same services.

I was turned down for 1000 dollar loan, today I have 10 credit and store cards

From American Express, Bank of America, Barclay’s master card, Citi Bank, JP Morgan Chase bank, Discover Car, Store cards from American Express Marcy’s, Sears, Walmart, Amazon and one Victoria Secret.

Each card credit is between 5000 to 10000 dollars range.  I had two personal loan 10,000 each

Which both I paid off.

As you can see I use variety of accounts, all accounts are from tops American Banks and department

Stores, Mix it. Most lenders typically like to see that you have used a variety of accounts.

My credit use balances is below 10% (high impact), Derogatory marks are zero (high impact)

My payment history is 100%, (high impact)

The only low impact is few too many hard inquired, it will fade over time.

It did not happen overnight it took almost 2 years to get where I am now. I have well

Credit score. Once my hard enquiry will fade away over time I am on my way to to get maximum credit score.

Credit score breakdown, 300-499, 500- 549, 550-599, 600-649, 650-699, 700-749, 750-799

800-850, you want stay above 700 or above.

We make money if you buy something from any of our partners. Our partners are top rated U S companies, not only they are easy to do business also they have American English speaking Agent24/7,

And they have 100% money back guarantee)

My advice/tips, building your credit score all from 40 years of experiences from selling cars,

Insurance agent, real-estate broker and a world traveler. I do not make any money for

These advice nor any corporations is paying any money.

So use it to advantage, this all from real practical experience.

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