Buying a car 100s or even 1000s below dealer invoice!!!

Yes that’s right, you can buy a car/truck thousands below dealer invoice, if you do your homework as I explained in this article. I have seen lots of article online how to buy a car, they all give you not so practical information’s. Here I learned everything.

From hard way I am sharing it with you, use it to your advantage.

I sold a brand new fully loaded Ford Taurus $ 1325.00 below dealer invoice.

Hello, my name is Jake Jacobs, I sold and worked as a car salesman from 1977 at Luke Johnson Ford a family owned dealership in Houston, Texas. I was an Insurance Agent for Prudential Life Insurance Corporation of America, as well as a Real-Estate Broker. I have over 40 years of combined experience in business. I am also a published Author for a car buying book.

I worked for number of dealership across the country. Here what I learned from selling cars. Over 18 million new cars sold in US each year. Most of the car buyers over pay. The reason they buy on impulse, very rarely they do their homework. They do not know how to negotiate with car salesman.


First thing first. Start doing your homework at least 3 months before

Remember this is the second biggest investment. You make after a home.  If you are single may want to buy a sports car.

If you are married sit with your partner (family) discuss what the purpose of this vehicle, Main car for work, or family car. Whatever you decide, then chose a manufactures (Ford, Toyota, Or Nissan), you can do this online research, or look at the consumer guide, study as much you can on different vehicles.

Now you have decided go to the dearer test drive. Best time to visit the car is either Tuesday to Friday Morning or mid afternoon. Avoid visiting car dealer on the week-end and big holidays.While test driving take it to the freeway, drive as much you want get the feelings. While driving check the safety features as well as the fuel economy.

Test drive at least 3 different models, you may have to visit 3 different dealerships. End of the month is a good time to buy a car. Now you have decided on the car/truck, second step is to find out the incentives.

You can do this by calling the dealer, call the manufactures. Call them and ask them hey I am interested in purchasing this model car

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