When you buy a car / truck think about the additional charges (money) you have to pay and stay within your budget.

From selling price you have to add the following –

  • Destination / freight charges (If any)
  • Tax
  • Title
  • Licence fee
  • Vehicle registration fee
  • Documentation fee
  • Advertising fees (If any)
  • Dealer fee and Optional equipment (if any)
  • Sale tax
  • Dealer delivery fee (If any)
  • Loan finance charges (Only if you are financing your vehicle)
  • Extra warranty charges (If any)
  • Auto insurance cost

If you have any questions about documentation fees, Call DMV or Attorney general office, they can guide you properly. Each state fees may vary.

Car buying tips

1. Choose a dealer near you, if he is reputable. To find a dealer near you, call the manufacturer's toll free number which you will find in the appendix. Remember a good deal is only when you get both a good car price and financing with low intrest rates.

2. Read Automative News from time to time, as well as other newsletters, to find out about current rebates, especially the cash rebates/low interest rate financing, factory to dealer incentives, customer incentives, carry over allowance, and so forth.Ask the dealer about first-time car buyer or college graduates rebate programs. A dealer may keep you in the dark about such matters. It is up to you to keep abreast with available discounts and rebate programs.

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