What is certificated Pre-Owned Car

Q: What is used and certified Pre-Owned Car?

A: It depends on the coverage once original new car warranty expired (run out).

Q: Who certifies Pre-Owned vehicles?

A: A Pre-Owned, vehicle can be certified by the Car Dealer or the Manufacturers.

Q: What include in the certification inspection?

A: The Vehicle details included in a certification Inspection may vary from provider to another.

Q: What ius covered by a certified Pre-Owned warranty?

A: The extent of Pre-Owned Car Warranty coverage various;

Some Car Manufacture offer Certificated Pre-Owned Car with comprehensive limited Warranty, and Free Towing.

One has to check the appropriate Car Dear/Manufacturers before purchasing a Certified Pre-_owned, Vehicle ask all these question and see where can be serviced.

Then compare with a used car or Demo, or New Car or Leasing.