Selecting a Car/Truck

One of the most important things in selecting an automobile, whether new or used is to keep in mind the size of your family. Are you single? Have children? A simple person may be interested in driving a sleek sports car. A young couple planning to have children may want to consider purchasing a family car.

A station wagon or minivan may suit your family as your family grows. On the other hand, once your children are grown may be right time to go in for a luxury sedan, an expensive sports car or a sports utility vehicle. Whatever automobile you intent to purchase it is solely your decision. The above point may enhance your decision- making process.

Remember Car Dealers are there to make maximum profit, they are not running a charity business. Car salesman/woman need a salary. Dealers has to pay salary to their employees as well as other expenses to meet.

One has to negotiate the price, negotiate the price weather you are paying ALL CASH, NO MONEY DOWN, or FINANCE.

That's what I am trying to help with take hassle/stress out of buying and get a decent price for your vehicle.

There are many ways dealer will make profit

Hold Back I call it Secret Profit, This is anywhere from 1 % to 3 %, even more, depend on the Manufacturers.

Car Dealers get Cash Rebates from the Manufacturers. This happens when the cars are piled up at Dealers Lot they need to move to make room for new vehicles arriving (Yearend model clearance).

Never negotiate on STICKER Price, Find out what the dealer paid for the car.