Our website a9car is an information and technology platform. My mission is to educate The Consumers on how to buy a car/truck without hassle. I'm Jake Jacobs, author of the

Bestselling car book Hassle Free Car Buying.( Complete guide to hassle Free car buying; books may be available at www.amazon.com Also book stores)

I have over 35 years' experience in the car business of selling, buying, writing, auto consulting, and a consumer advocate. After graduating from the State University of New York I went into the car business at early age. I have helped thousands of customers in buying/leasing their dream cars as well as choosing the right lowest insurance, and also auto financing.

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The number one complaint on Monday morning at the consumer agency has to do with car buying. Consumers spent their valuable time over the week-end trying to buy a car and they buy on impulse. Then they realize that they Made a big mistake. You do not want to be a victim instead use the technology to your advantage.

There are millions of websites use add-ons, gimmicks, commons, too attractive view Signup and buy product from them. Don't be a victim, never buy anything impulse.

We make it easy for you to the buying all your needs from around the world, items. Mostly from U.S. top branded companies. I do have six professional real-estate licenses from the State of Texas. Articles written are how to understand and build your super credit. Buying a home.

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