About the Author Jacobs, with his profound knowledge of the art of car dealership, has thoroughly

Understand the hassle and frustration people experience in purchasing a good Vehicle suited for their needs and in this profit-oriented world of manufacturers, dealers and financiers in the automobile industry prompted him to write this book, Hassle-Free Car Buying.

Mr. Jacobs gives very interesting and helpful hints along with lucid insights into the inner secrets, in simple terms, to help genuine car buyers - new and used to get their money's worth with adequate financing without being confronted

Confusing technical terminology. Jake Jacobs is an experienced and successful dealer for both domestic and foreign cars. With over a decade in the business, his vast experience, and extensive research, he has been able to assist hundreds of individuals to

Purchase vehicles of their liking, hassle-free, assisting them at every stage to secure adequate financing.

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Customer Reviews

Wow! This book was very helpful to me. I have 2 strikes against me when buying a car: 1) female 2.) black. It is true that car salesmen think women are pushovers.By Theresa Jackson on September 8, 2000

Just as Location, Location, Location is the most important thing in real estate, Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge is most important when making a competent purchase. The more expensive the item being purchased, the more important the knowledge.By Dennis Denlinger on April 6, 2000

This book is an encyclopedia & great resources for all ages

I am a single parent who desperately needed one car. I spent hours and hours with many dealers and most of the options that were informed to me were forgotten by the time I got home. I was very ashamed to go back. I went to Barnes and Nobles and I got this book.By Customer on May 3, 1999

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